DMS (Sale System Development) Lead


The DMS Lead is solely accountable for ensuring successful implementation of new System within the defined ecosystem for VietNam digital transformation roadmap to support GT & MT & Ecom operations in Grove Group. This position aims to ensure:

  • The core system are properly implemented, well-sustained and ensure smooth transitioning time
  • All features, applications & customizations in core system support to business needs and comply Grove Group policy
  • Maintenance of BI platform, integrating to sales system and provide coordination support between DTS/BI and Business team to ensure business needs are well-communicated & understood
  • Provide KT (Knowledge transfer) and periodic training to all end users
  • Proper assistance to Sales System Development Manager as required in SFA deployment & user training

Business Scope : The DMS Lead will manage day to day with new DMS vendor, sales team 160 pax (including Sales Director), distributor team 720 SFA User, 160 Admin and Helpdesk vendor team to ensure the system is well-adapted and adequate to support Sales operations.



Lead all the implementation process and ensure the system runs smooth with no un-expected interruption to the business. These actions could include but not limited to the below:

  • Ensure all implementation checklists are well-prepared
  • All customizations required by Business team are captured and successfully delivered
  • Act as a coordinator between software vendor, Implementation vendor and Distributors
  • Ensure roll-out project time-line are met as plan
  • Post-implemented helpdesk solutions & execution
  • Expected End Result
  • Customization & enhancements match business need and delivered on-time


Lead working with new DMS vendor to capture customizations & enhancements in DMS as prioritized by sales leadership team:

  • Understanding & Documenting business needs with aligned deployment time-line
  • Testing & qualifying all customized or new features to ensure successful business application
  • Collaboration with related parties for delivering the needs within time-line or propose adjusted time-line.
  • Expected End Result
  • Customization & enhancements match business need and delivered on-time


The position is expected to work with supporting vendor to make sure all core system is up to operational standard that includes:

  • Represent Grove Group to work with support vendor (Helpdesk / Call Centre) on managing all issues to make sure business continuity
  • Prepare relevant assessment using helpdesk / call Centre data to improve User experience and capability when using system, conduct training sessions & document
  • Maintenance all system governance process (User access / Master data / Functional walkthrough) to make sure business are well-supported
  • Main application & tool include (but not limited to) DMS, SIF, RLP, LV, OUST and other systems.


Have Relevant Experience